The Race is on! Try not to be the last one with a sound ChatGPT background.



- As a chatbot, everything is possible with AI Chat Commander: writing, composing, researching, translating, analysing, summarising, compiling, evaluating, paraphrasing or investigating, there is no limit when it comes to communicating with AI Chat Commander and ChatGPT. Users can easily complete writing assignments, compose emails, translate text, rewrite content, find interesting recipes and cook delicious meals, brainstorm new ideas, and get answers to questions on any topic.



- AI Chat Commander allows you to create an unlimited number of conversations and keep them local on your mobile device. Of course, you can print, copy or share any of your conversations. The important thing is: you have full control over it.

- Use categories to efficiently manage your conversations and increase your productivity. Categorise each conversation to create your own knowledge-base. Use Filter to quickly find the right conversation.

- Use AI Chat Commander as your conversation partner! Conveniently dictate your queries using your voice and have complete answers read out loud either per message or generally with the "Read-to-me" option. You can select the desired country of origin and preferred voice for that.

- Collaborate with others. Send messages or complete conversations to them or upload conversations from others to your device. Build a knowledge-base as a team.



- All your settings and conversations are stored exclusively on your device, allowing you to access them at any time, regardless of your internet connection.

- With a personal key from OpenAI, AI Chat Commander ensures that, when you send a request, your data stays private and will not be used anywhere else but for this request.

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Using an AI will as normal as using your mobile phone is today. It won´t be choice. Those who embrace AI, will have a leading edge. AI Chat Commander is a good staring point, but there is much ahead of everyone. Think ahead. Be proactive.



Using an AI will set you apart. Familiarizing yourself with what an AI can do, is the first step. Learning about the capabilities of AI and applying what you learned will be as nessessary as communicating. Why wait? Show some initiative. Start now.



They say that computing speed, bandwith and memory capacity is what sets machines apart from a humans capacity to create, process, share and memorize intelligence. With an AI as your partner, you can outsmart others and even yourself.



Writers can get suggestions on topics, have ideas been generated or receive feedback on a new text. AI Chat Commander can rephrase or re-write any content, ensuring it is original and unique.

Students can use AI Chat Commander to get guidance with exercises or assignments, receive background information on a subject, use summaries to gain speed when learning a new topic, have AI Chat Commander ask questions and test their knowledge, write essays or brainstorm complex ideas for projects.

Business Professionals can use AI Chat Commander to compose emails, format or rewrite content, and translate text for international clients.

Travellers can get information on attractions, sites, history, transportation, local customs, fees, opening hours, lodging, dining or socialising in any city or place they want to go. AI Chat Commander can prepare an itinerary, translate anything from one language to another and even help with critical information in case of emergencies.

Home cooks can use AI Chat Commander to access a wide range of recipes and get cooking tips and advice, allowing them to cook delicious meals with ease.

and many more ...


AI Chat Commander is powered by OpenAI's API for ChatGPT and therefore needs a personal API-Key from OpenAI for usage. You can get your personal API-Key here: OpenAI ChatGPT API-Key Registration. The app will not function without this API-Key. But once you have entered your API-Key on the Settings Tab, you can access the full power of the app.


OpenAI has no business relationship with the provider of this app, nor has OpenAI endorsed this app in any way. The provider of this app has no claims to OpenAI´s business. OpenAI and the provider of this app are completely separate businesses.



Integrated with OpenAI´s API for using ChatGPT