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How to get support?

AI Chat Commander is a small up and so is the team behind it. Still, we are striving to grow and become better every day. Having said this, we also aim to focus our resources on improving the app and respond to customer requests - precisely and swiftly. We therefor ask for patience and understanding when we do not offer a phone line to request resolution of any issue, but insteas ask you to submit a ticket. We promise to respond timely and not just with answers from an automated system but from one of our team members.

If you don´t want to wait, please see our Tutorials or Q&A section. Your may find your answers there already.


When you submit a ticket ...

Think of it as ordering something from a delivery service - the more precise your request is, the better the delivery will be. In order to structure all requests and also to avoid any privacy issue, we are giving you options to choose from, rather than a free text description. If your reason for sending a ticket is not given, don´t hesitate to choose "other". In either case: you will be contacted via email.